img_6677Island to island transportation, a task long ruled by Casco Bay Lines (a ferry service connecting the islands of Casco Bay). This summer I set out to change that. My design for my 15ft boat was inspired by immense traditional French logging boats. The hull of the boat is pointed at both ends, having no transom. The sides of the boat are at around 45 degrees, which makes the boat tippy but almost impossible to tip over. The footprint of the boat is of Swedish design with the skinnier end pointing forward and the blunter end in the back (this was purely for aesthetic reasons). The bottom of the boat is made of cypress, as are the side enclosures that needed to be added for higher clearance from the water. The sides of the boat are made of marine plywood, reinforced by seats and front and tail stems. Initially created as a rowboat until I stumbled upon a vintage Evinrude outboard motor. It needed an entire repair, which proved to be surprisingly simple. To solve the problem of mounting a outboard in a double pointed boat I created a boxed hole slightly off center toward the back of the boat, in which the engine sits.


*Water and leaves in boat due to my adolescent negligence


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