A powerful computer is often something desirable to the img_6793
modern-day child. I set out to make just that. Scrounging eBay, I came upon extremely cheap, used, server computer parts. I ended up with two CPUs, each running 4 cores at 3 GHZ.  This is very impressive for the very small price I paid. It turned out that there was only one compatible motherboard, and luckily it was cheap and not too difficult to find. I settled for 16gb of ram
 and fastened cooling towers to the CPUS with dangerously placed wood screws. The power supply came out of an old computer my family had, as did the graphics card. My computer was extremely sufficient, only lacking in GPU performance and a proper computer case. The cardboard banana box case pictured to the right was very theatrical and I wish it was still in use. After several close calls stepping on my cardboard creation I decided it was time for a proper case. Searching the Internet for a cheap replacement img_6086left me disappointed. I instead began 
construction of a new case. Using salvaged mahogany shelves, fabricated aluminum and a stripped old I/O port of an old computer case, I set to work. Today my computer has been fortunate enough to get a much more powerful graphics card generously donated by a friend, and is no longer worried about its own demise by foot.


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