Geodesic dome, the peak of my childhood. My friends and I were always challenged with the question, whose house are we going to?? The struggle of trying to balance out the the benefits and downfalls of each of our homes during deciding where to go became obsolete with the introduction of the dome. We needed a club house. Everyone had their own plan their own design. After a month listening to them “talk” about how great a club house would be I was fed up. I started my own research. The most fullsizerender-1visually pleasing shape to me at the time was a sphere, and my favorite shape was a triangle. The geodesic dome was perfect. I set out disguising myself as my mother’s construction company reaching out to local wood suppliers, getting pricing, shipping details etc. . . Now the framing was ready and all that was left was waterproofing. Being a child with little money I needed the cheapest option. It came to me in a vision, boat shrink-wrap. I ordered the 2/4 framing, and spent weeks cutting the joints and beginning the assembly.


The floor was next. Scraps ofullsizerender-2f EPDM proved to be free and a durable option. Due to our reluctance to crawl under the EPDM  and remove annoying rocks, our floor is littered with obnoxious and painful bumps. Shrink-wrapping the dome proved to be very problematic. Lack of a shrink-wrapping torch led me to fabricate a large torch affixed to a propane tank that worked surprisingly well. This was all funded by island friends: a required $40 to gain membership quickly paid back any debt owed to parents. Today the dome has logged days of carbon dioxide poisoning, weeks of video gaming and months of movie watching.

The dome is a home to my friends and me, but also a family of displeasingly large wolf spiders.


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