Electromagnetic Propulsion

This is a project I have just started for my Senior Expedition (Focusing on one subject chosen and led by each student). During this expedition I am focusing on the the electromagnetic propulsion device (emdrive). Propellant free, uses only electricity and either an unknown interaction with fabric of universe, or a conventional physics defying thrust created through the changing of wave amplitude as electromagnetic waves travel through a frustum.

Throughout my senior expedition I am studying the work of many developers in this field, the creator Roger Shawyer, China National Space Administration, NASA, and many others. The study of their theory’s will ultimately help me develop my own theory, explained with math. I am creating a emdrive based off the most successful of their attempts. Utilizing a hopefully superior/different intuition I am forging my way into the unknown searching for the best thrust to energy ratio. Silver coating the copper resonant cavity to provide a better electrical skin effect, and testing different positions of the magnetron, or other high frequency emitter.

I am also planning on creating a more impressive testing arrangement, placing the emdrive on a super low friction rotary table to allow for full rotary acceleration (And visible motion). With these theorized improvements I will create, test, rebuild and again test the emdrive. Using copper sheets, a magnetron / adjustable magnetron if I can get one for relatively cheap (Adjustable magnetron would allow for easier testing, and wave size adjustment). As complex/difficult this is made to seem, it is not. Almost any high frequency magnetron strapped almost anywhere on a conductive cone that is roughly one half of the amplitude of the wave emitted, will produce thrust.

The purpose of this senior expedition  is to test, and compile data to allow optimization of the variables to create more thrust. My final product will be a scientific paper (published would be good but, probably difficult to achieve) explaining the theorized science behind it and math comprised of data created through testing by me. A functioning emdrive will be created (functioning being achieving any thrust at all within a vacuum/ any thrust after removing any lift that would have been made with the “hot balloon” effect). A functioning emdrive be donated to the USM physics department. 


*due to recent start of project I have achieved little tangible progress, thus no photos are mine.

Emdrive. Digital image. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 21 Nov. 2016. Web. 3 Jan. 2016.


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