img_6733-1A project I started a few years ago but lacked the drive and skills to finish till now. The dump has always been a source of material and entertainment for me. One of the problems that I faced was carrying home the large things I found there. With the go-kart I hope to eventually fix that problem. Currently only used for entertainment, after convincing of local police I hope to use it for island transportation. The frame is made of parts of a bed frame and house ties. The entire go-kart except for tires and engine was fabricated from parts from the dump. Using a very small but capable welder, a mini grinder and countless cut-off wheels the go kart started to take shape. The steering wheel I made from a old lug wrench heated with a forge and shaped over the protruding horn of my anvil. The geometries of the steering are surprisingly decent but could use some rework now that they have been tested. The engine itself has had a handful of modifications increasing the RPMs and HP.


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