Kinetic Sculpture

I was approached by a family friend and organizer of the acclaimed “Sacred and Profane,” which is in essence a huge performance art piece. I was given the job of parading the masses of people from the ferry on Peaks Island to Battery Steele (an old military base) in which the Sacred and Profane takes place. I set out to create something visually impressive. After thinking about the torques that various contraptions would have on the operator I settled on this design. The first mock-up proved to be the final due to time constraints and material limitations. The upper body was constructed out of an bicycle rim, and lashed wooden strapping for lightweight support. The legs needed to be strong but light; I probably went overkill on the legs. Plywood framing acted as shoe holders, which in retrospect are quite large, and could have been moved back into the legs more if I reworked the geometries of the contraption. The real complexities of this creation came in affixing it to myself. I ended up using a full body harness borrowed from my mother’s construction company. After a few hours of adjusting the ropes to and from the contraption it was ready for aesthetic improvements. Disappointingly I ran out of time in the aesthetic department of this build. I started making scaffolding on which a “skin” would sit, hiding me from viewers, and turning a a bundle of sticks into an otherworldly being. After walking roughly one mile in this I was quite exhausted.


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